Corporate social responsibility

Our CSR activities

IMEX Group has prioritized corporate social responsibility within and outside the company since its inception.


Every global reform begins with a single simple step.

We take corporate social responsibility seriously:

In environmental improvement

  • We are constantly organizing garbage removal-related events.
  • We plan tree planting events in various locations.
  • We use solar panels and energy-saving systems.
  • We use as little printing paper as possible
  • we recycle the printed papers.

In economic growth

  • The company has been a significant taxpayer in RA for many years.
  • We Create jobs in Yerevan and throughout Armenia.

The economy is the foundation of the state's development, and economic development is impossible without private enterprise. This principle guides our company's operations.

In humanitarian projects and initiatives

We believe that everyone, regardless of gender, skin color, or financial means, deserves to be happy and live a dignified life.

The company is constantly involved in projects and charity programs that benefit socially vulnerable groups.

We want to improve everyone around us, including the environment, society, and the earth.


IMEX GROUP gives love and smiles to the children of the border villages.

IMEX GROUP gives love and smiles to the children of the border villages.

October 18, 2023
Work with various social groups

IMEX Group has always prioritized working with society's most vulnerable groups. As a result, we are constantly involved in various programs and initiatives.

March 14, 2023
Tavush region children received New Year's gifts

Every year, at the start of the year, when everyone is reflecting on the past year and making plans for the next, our employees travel to the border zone with the mission of bringing joy and happiness

December 29, 2022
Company employees as voluntary Santa Clauses

At the end of 2022, the IMEX Group company launched a fantastic initiative in collaboration with the ReArmenia cooperation platform.

December 27, 2022